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As a dancer at True Beauty Dance:


  • I will respect my teacher and any other person who has volunteered their time to this dance ministry.

  • I will respect my fellow dancers. I understand that rude comments towards anyone will not be tolerated.

  • I will put forth my best effort at all times.

  • I will show up to class on time, ready to dance. I will take care of my bathroom and drink needs before class starts.

  • I will wear appropriate dance attire. I will not wear jeans, jeggings or baggy clothing that inhibits my movement.

  • I will not enter an unauthorized area of the dance facility, and will respect the property and equipment.

  • I will not miss more than 5 classes. I acknowledge that if I exceed the generous absence allowance I will not be permitted to participate in the recital and I will not be refunded any costume money.

  • I will maintain the same appropriate behavior during the dress rehearsal and the recital or I will not be permitted into the dance program the following year.

  • I will do my best to have a character that exemplifies kindness, humility and generosity towards my fellow dancers, teachers, and community.

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