• How Can my daughter become a True Beauty Dancer?

Reach out to us through our CONTACT section. Provide us with your daughter's name and birthday and we will put her on the waiting list as well as try to get back to you as soon as possible.

  • When can my daughter begin dancing?

Students must be at least 3 years old by May 1st and fully potty trained.

  • Can I add my the daughter of my friend or extended family member to the         waiting list? May I give them a copy of my registration form?

No. All requests must be submitted by the parent or guardian of the child. Our class space is limited and no registration papers will be accepted by anyone who has not contacted True Beauty Dance directly.

  • What supplies should my dancer have and where can I get them?

Dancers must wear comfortable fitted clothing that they can move in. No baggy shorts, sweatshirts or jeans. Appropriate shoes per class. We have some used items available at the studio. New shoes and apparel may be purchased at many retail stores or from our personal local favorite Pas De Chat in New Holland, PA.

  • What is expected of my Dancer?

For a full list of dancer expectations please go HERE.

  • The recital is coming! Help!

Fear not! Click HERE for a page dedicated to all your recital needs.