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2023 rehearsal and recital are Saturday, May 13th, at Lancaster Mennonite High School.  


  • Doors open at 9:00am  Rehearsal starts at 9:15am( all students and parents in the auditorium ready to go). 

  • Dancers should arrive in tights/nude leotards (with a cover up), hair & makeup done. Costumes are put on after arrival and left in the dressing room for the recital. 

  • Unless a dancer is on stage or lining up they must stay with their parent/guardian.You may not drop your child off and leave. Once all your dancers' classes have rehearsed you are free to go.

  • Kate Aldrich Photography will be taking professional pictures during dress rehearsal if you would like them. Order forms will be going home with students soon.

  • You may take as many pictures as you want during dress rehearsal.  Please, no pictures during the recital. It's distracting to the dancers and audience.  You may take pictures with family and friends in the lobby after the recital.

  • There will be no seat saving at rehearsal. If you cover seats to save, we will remove it. 


  • Lobby doors will open at 6pm.  Doors to the auditorium will not open until 6:15pm. Elementary age will not be allowed back before 6:30. Students must be back in the dressing room with hair/make-up done, and ready to go at 6:30.  **MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD GOES TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOU BRING THEM TO THE DRESSING ROOM**  Recital performance begins at 7pm.

  • Each family is allowed to invite 15 guests to our recital.  There are no  tickets. This is done on the honor system. All seating is first come first serve.  Please remember there is balcony seating.

  • Hair and make-up:  must be done for the rehearsal and recital.

  •  Make-up - blush, red or pink-ish lipstick. Eye makeup is optional. No heavy, excessive make-up or glitter. Natural and not washed out under the lights is the goal.

  • Hair - TUESDAY CLASSES must be in a NICE NEAT bun (See examples below). THURSDAY CLASSES - Hair must be worn ½ up ½ down except for Miss Devon and Miss Jocelyn’s Hip Hop Class - Straight ponytail. If you start with curly hair you can bring a hair straightener. 

  • No underwear under your costume.  It’s a distraction. EVERY STUDENT MUST WEAR A NUDE LEOTARD with CLEAR STRAPS under their costume.  Your student will wear their nude leotard to and from rehearsal and the recital. For the girls who need a bra, it must be nude with clear straps.

  • No nail polish. No jewelry including earrings.

  • Label everything with your name/initials.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE AUDITORIUM.  (This is not just our rule, but LMH’s rule as well.)

  • No gum. 

  • No food or drink in the dressing room. Not even water bottles. We will have water backstage for dancers.

  • No parents in the dressing room during the recital.  You will need your security tag ( you will make this at dress rehearsal ) to sign your child out after the recital.  Students who drive will need to sign themselves out. If your child is in 8th grade or older, they may sign themselves out.

  • No student may leave early from the recital.

  • No electronic toys or markers in the dressing room.  If it is lost, stolen, or broken, we are not responsible. We provide toys, and other activities to keep your little ones busy. (Please do not send markers or any drawing supplies! We usually have Color Wonder markers)

  • All students are expected to be respectful and kind to our backstage/dressing room helpers.  Any student who isn’t will be dismissed from the program.  

  • We have a videographer! He will share with us a downloadable link that we will send out when available.




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