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  • Recital is at Lancaster Mennonite High School - 2176 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602 - in the auditorium

  • Recital Weekend 

    • Rehearsal is Friday, May 10 at 5pm​

    • Recital is Saturday, May 11 at 10 am

  • Rehearsal 

    • Doors open 4:15

    • Arrive at rehearsal in nude leotard/tights, street shoes and coverup with makeup and hair done. ​

    • No underwear under your costume.  It’s a distraction. EVERY STUDENT MUST WEAR A NUDE LEOTARD with CLEAR STRAPS under their costume. 

    • No nail polish. No jewelry.

    • Go to dressing room, find a place for your things(make sure EVERYTHING is labeled) and put on your first costume.

    • Go sit in auditorium and wait to be called for your dance. 

    • As soon as you've rehearsed all your classes you may leave.

    • Leave your LABELED costume, shoes etc. in an organized fashion in the dressing room. 

    • Dancer's must have an adult at the rehearsal with them. 

    • YOU MAY NOT MISS REHEARSAL!  If you do, you may NOT perform in the recital.

    • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE AUDITORIUM or in the dressing room. This is not just our rule, but LMH’s rule as well.

    • You may take as many pictures/videos as you want during dress rehearsal.  Please no pictures or videos during the recital because it is being recorded.  You may take pictures with family and friends in the lobby after the recital. There will be a link to the video shared once we receive it. 

  • Recital

    • Doors open 9:15​

    • Arrive in nude leotard/tights, street shoes and coverup with makeup and hair done.

    • Middle School & High School should go directly to dressing room, find and put on first costume.

    • Pre-k through 5th should have parents/guardians escort them to the restroom before coming to the dressing room no earlier than 9:30. 

    • Check in  your Pre-K through 5th grade Dancer and pick up their security tag.

    • No parents or guardians are allowed in the dressing rooms on Recital morning. Teachers and cleared volunteers will escort and assist dancers as needed.

    • No food, drink, electronics or drawing materials may be brought back to the dressing room. We have water available and appropriate toys/entertainment.

    • DO NOT line up to pick up your dancer until after the recital is finished. This has been a problem in the past and creates backstage chaos. It is also inconsiderate of the dancers that are still performing and the families that are watching. 

    • Bring security tag for pick up. If you don't have your tag you'll have to wait. 6th grade and up will not need security tags and may sign themselves out. If you prefer your child not to have this privilege just let us know. 

    • No student may leave early from the recital.

    • All students are expected to be respectful and kind to our backstage/dressing room helpers.  Any student who isn’t will be dismissed from the program.  

    • * Each family is allowed to invite 20 guests to our recital.  There are no tickets.  This is done on the honor system.  All seating is first come first serve. You may NOT save seats after dress rehearsal.  Please consider the use of the balcony for seating.





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